The journey was worthwhile; but rough, ragged and real…

Dabo TV center was a brainchild of Hajiya Fatima Amin and was established in 2009. Dabo TV center was established to promote media and entertainment industries, develop media contents and a whole lot of media related activities in a bid to creating job opportunities for all and sundry.

As a media training school and TV/ film production outfit, Dabo TV has worked hand-in-hand with various state governments, private and government media, industries around the globe in a bid to produce contents, shape media practitioners and promote the film/ entertainment industry, particularly in the northern part of Nigeria. It was a dream that was meant to materialize into a Television station which eventually gave birth to Zamani TV studios.

Zamani TV started about a year and a half ago and hit the airspace in the same month it started. It has been on air since then and has been airing a lot of programs nonstop.

As an offshoot of Dabo TV center, zamani TV operates on a 24hrs daily schedule with English and Hausa programs iteratively looping intermittently. The station started on Startimes on channels 106 and later moved to becoming a free-to-air station which is received within its operative hemisphere.

Having Hajiya Fatima Amin as the Chief Executive Officer/ MD, Zamani TV aims to conquer the world and become a prelude to Television station; airing as the number 1 urban station situated in Kano city, Nigeria, and operating as the heart monitor to all other TV stations in the north.